Welcome to Week 8!

Week 8 is a good one. In the mindset session we discuss binge eating and how to deal with the trauma we create in our lives. If you've ever felt powerless, then practicing what's in this audio is a surefire way to deal with it and actually feeel free from the cravings you feel so powerless to resist.

It's an interesting mental concept but if you love the phycology behind why we are the way we are and act the way we do then you'll this this audio. The two books I highly recommend that complement each other are; 'The Chimp Paradox' and 'Never Binge Again'. 

The nutrition and lifestyle segment focuses on eating on the go and eating out.  I discuss common foods, common issues and how to stay as healthy as possible whilst rushing round like a headless chicken.

The resources for the mindset element is a must download and gives you the opportunity to put in to practice what you've learnt and for the eating on the go, it's the top tips summarised for you to refer back to and nutrition tips for travelling.

Enjoy and see you in week 9!

(Food planner and examples are modified from The Never Binge Again website - Glen Livingstone PhD)


Nutrition and Lifestyle: