Welcome to Week 7!

This week signifies you are over the half way mark to the programme. Chances are you still have a little bit more to go to achieve your goal but this programme is the foundation that helps you achieve your goal and keep your results.

These past six weeks have probably been difficult, especially consistency with your calories and probably not being able to work out as much as you'd like.

You've more than likely had a mental struggle between what you enjoyed about your previous lifestyle and the drive to make healthy changes and because of this week we talk about what pain can you live with? If this sounds a little cryptic then go ahead and listen to the audio as this really will put a different perspective on it all and might be the extra nudge you need.

For nutrition and lifestyle this week focuses on your readiness to change and the psychology behind this, you will also find a quiz to help assess your readiness. If you're still finding it super hard to change then it might mean you're not in the right place mentally.

You'll also find audio on making SMART goals and how to apply the SMART goal setting techniques to health and fitness.

Don't forget to look out for this weeks tasks. Just so you know, there are two....


See you in Week 8!


Nutrition and Lifestyle: