Welcome to week 4!

This week's mindset audios focus on little wins and rewarding yourself. Little wins is based on the book by Paul Lindley. As we grow up we learn how to be boring. We learn how to fit in and how to act, and when we don't act a certain way we feel self conscious....... When you say it out loud, it sounds ridiculous but we all suffer from the 'care too much what others think' syndrome instead of just doing what we enjoy.

The audio discusses 9 key points which we could re-learn from toddlers and grow down so we can just get on with life and be successful in our health and fitness journeys.

Rewarding ourselves touches on why we always focus on the negative and what this means to us when we do. So how do we stop focusing on the negative? Try rewarding yourself.

The health and lifestyle segment discusses body composition in a short video, the different methods of measurement and what this actually means to your health.

There are two audios which focus on the gems we've been waiting for; exercise! love it or hate it, you need to be active to be healthy. Focus on health and the body will follow. The exercise audio is slightly longer than the others so I suggest you take a stroll and put your head phones in. It features the one and only Mr Smith, my husband and he reason I got into weight training. Dave adds his opinions and insights into this audio.

And guess what, you have a little task this week too. I won't tell you in which audio but I will know who's done it. Remember I'm always watching......