Welcome to week 3!

This week's mindset element focuses on increasing your time management productivity.  These aren't something just reserved just for work. If you're busy, then you need this is your life, this will help you figure out where all that time disappears to and you're left wondering why 2 out of the 10 tasks were done on your list or why even if you get up 15 minutes earlier, you're still running for the train.

Many of us feel we don't have the time to eat well or exercise, but maybe it's because you are losing time elsewhere. Being on top of your game, leaves you with the time and freedom to lead a healthy lifestyle, stress free. There is a quick audio but the main segment is the file in the resources section. So check it out.

For the nutrition and lifestyle section of the course, this weeks audio is Fibre 101. This isn't one for breakfast time. 

Fibre is an important subject that is never discussed enough and most people don't understand it's importance. It's not glamorous but it is essential.

In the resources section you will find a time management calendar and a top 10 list of the foods containing the highest fibre content, making it super easy for you to add them to your diet. 


Nutrition and Lifestyle: