Welcome to Week 11!

This week we focus on the rules you have created from your 'bottom line' that "I am...." statement.

Rules can be there to guide us and make sense of the world or can hold us back in life.

This week breaks down and discovers those rules that aren't so helpful and keep you trapped in a negative feedback loop and helps you create new helpful ways of living, much like in the habits week.

Just remember you need to do the work to see the results, it's the same as the nutrition and exercise, if you just think about it and don't take action then you won't see the results.

This is another big week for nutrition and lifestyle too; this week we focus on sleep. Many of you experience issues with sleep for one reason or another. Sleep is also closely linked to stress, so by de-stressing chances are you will get a better night's sleep too.

I focus on what you can do to create the right environment to help fall asleep and how you can utilise this to fall asleep again should you wake up.

Sleep or a lack of can be a major reason as to why you are not achieving your goals, so listen up! 

This week's mindset audio has been adapted from the book 'Overcoming Low Self-Esteem' by Melanie Fennell.

Don't forget to check out the resources section!

See you in the final week!!!!!


Nutrition and Lifestyle: