Welcome to Week 10!

As we are approaching the end of the programme we delve deeper into body confidence. Whilst last week we looked at what body confidence and self-esteem is and why you might feel the way you do about yourself, this week we focus on self-acceptance.

Now you can deal with all of this in many ways depending what kind of person you are; you can go deep into the emotional side of it which might suit you best, but you could be opening and emotional can of worms and you might need professional support to deal with it all. You might only need to realise your self esteem can from you failing a maths test and your sister called you thick and now you believe your thick and emotional eat because of that, and all of the sudden the penny drops and you can deal with your issues. Or you could just get to a point where you're like, you know what "who cares, I don't give a f**k what others think" (see week 7). 

We are British and as British folk we tend to find the emotional ride one to be avoided at all costs or else have to deal with the awkward cringe of dealing with our inner selves. 

But my advice is to listen to the deep stuff, take what you need from it and apply it to your stiff British upper lip and deal with your emotional baggage once and for all. It doesn't matter how much you weigh, what dress size you are, whether you're rich, you're poor, you're married or single. If you don't sort your head out, you will not be happy as you don't accept who you are or what you are. Accept yourself and everything you hate about yourself, the sooner you do, the more you care less which equals lots of happiness and love for your self and lots of happiness and love for yourself means more confidence which means you can get all you want from life, as you just don't give a f**k anymore.

This week's nutrition and lifestyle segment focuses on stress and the weight loss connection. I know many of you don't value taking time to de-stress so hopefully this week's and next week's audio on sleep and weight loss will change your mind as they are so closely intertwined. 

The resources section have downloadable notes on stress and also self-acceptance so you can refer back to these at any time.

The material for the mindset audios has been adapted from the book 'Overcoming Low Self-Esteem' by Melanie Fennell.

See you in week 11! 


Nutrition and Lifestyle: