Welcome to week 1!

Each week is divided into two sections; your mindset and your nutrition and lifestyle.

The mindset element is to help you get into the right mind frame for leading a healthy lifestyle. This isn't a diet, this won't be restrictive and the quicker you can get you're head round that, the quicker you will achieve your goals.

Dieting sucks and that's why I don't promote it, making little changes is what is key. Lots of little wins = big success.

The nutrition and lifestyle section is educational. Many of you are confused about what to eat, when to eat it and tend to be looking for the magic food to solve your problems. This isn't always going to be all sunshine and roses along the way. Sometimes you might kick and scream, and want to have you cake and eat it, whilst being healthy all at the same time..... And you can to a certain extent, but it's getting the balance right and that's also what I will help you achieve. 

Week 1 focuses on the right mindset, not a dieting mindset, and the 80/20 rule. It also will help you learn about your metabolism and how carbohydrates, protein and fats all affect it.

Watch out for little tasks along the way as I'm expecting you to get in touch once they are done.


Nutrition and Lifestyle: