Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions
"VALKYRIE" refers to Allure Transformations and the employees thereof. "VALKYRIE Team" refers to "VALKYRIE" and other individuals involved in administering Allure Transformation Ltd products and services. "Mentors" refer to individuals who are experts and are engaged by VALKYRIE for the purpose of speaking to, and mentoring participants on the scheduled dates and times of the supplied products and services. "Participants" refers to those individuals who sign up for Allure Transformations Ltd Products and Services. "Products and services" refers herein to the products and services supplied by VALKYRIE to it's participants. "Scheduled events" refers to the in-person,telephone and on-line meetings that are on set dates and times.

2. Confidentiality
Participants must be committed to confidentiality. Participants help each other by sharing ideas, experimenting with concepts and being vulnerable. Fostering a safe place where ideas and personal experiences can be shared and not exploited which means treating information shared within a group as confidential, especially if it is clearly sensitive information. VALKYRIE does not, however, guarantee nor will VALKYRIE be liable if you share information and later believe another person shared this information, or if you feel negatively affected by someone's reaction to information you choose to share. You do not need to share confidential information to fully experience the positive results of participation if you do not feel appropriate to do so.

3. Intellectual Property of VALKYRIE
Participants will be receiving extensive information, literature, handouts, strategies, tests, products and materials. ("materials") as part of participating in VALKYRIE products and services. These materials have been developed over several years and the copyrights belong to Allure Transformations Ltd, and the individual members of the VALKYRIE Team and mentors. Participants do not own the materials provided to them during participation in the products and services and have no right to duplicate, copy, adapt, transmit, sell, teach or licence the materials in any way, shape or form.The materials are strictly for your personal use only as a participant.

4. Participant Commitments
VALKYRIE is committed to developing their participants. VALKYRIE needs to ensure that participants are committed as we are to the process and work associated with products and services. We have a method for success but your commitment and consistent dedication is the most essential ingredient.

5. Changes to Products and Services
In the unlikely event that VALKYRIE needs to make a change to a product or service, VALKYRIE reserves the right to do so.

6. Information Only
VALKYRIE product and services constitute "Information Only" and do not constitute nutritional, exercise, fitness or health recommendations outside my scope of practice

7. Payment Plan Conditions
If you elected to pay fees at a certain time, we will obtain your credit card information and charge authorisation, and will bill your credit card on the respective date.

If we are unable to process your payment on the date due, we will make two additional attempts within 7 days. If your payment is not processed on the third attempt, a processing fee of £35 will be added to your outstanding payment.

If full payment remains unpaid for more than 14 days, your rights to attend and participate in the chosen products and services will be suspended until your account is bought up to date. 

If payment remains unpaid for more than 30 days, you will be charged a late payment fee of 10% of the outstanding balance and you will begin to incur interest on the unpaid balance in the amount of 1.5% per month, or the maximum allowed by law if lower than 1.5% per month.

8. Cancellation Policy.
All products and services are limited in the number of participants accepted per session. Once a product or service begins, we cannot allow new participants to join and the closer to the start date of a product or service, the harder it is to fill a cancelled position. Accordingly once you sign up to participate we have a strict cancellation policy as follows:




If you paid in full in advance or received an early bird discount and thus paid a lower fee, the amount above will be adjusted accordingly, using the percentages above. At the sole discretion of VALKYRIE and only in the event of extreme circumstances, VALKYRIE will agree to allow another individual to take your place, to give you credit to to be used for future VALKYRIE products or services, or give you a refund. VALKYRIE is not obligated under any circumstances to make exceptions to the above stated cancellation policy. This cancellation policy applies whether you pay in full or enter a payment plan.

9. Products and Service Transfer
It is at the sole discretion of VALKYRIE to permit you to transfer to another product or service. VALKYRIE reserves the right to charge 20% of the total fee in addition to the original amount paid should a transfer be permitted.

10. Breach of Terms and Conditions
Material breach of these terms and conditions may, at the sole discretion of VALKYRIE, result in termination of your rights as a participant. No refund will be provided to participants terminated for cause and products and service fees not yet paid remain due and payable in accordance with the payment plan schedule.

11. Collections
If VALKYRIE has to send your account to collections to pursue legal action for non-payment of fees, then VALKYRIE shall be entitled to recover associated costs and fees.