You Always Have a Choice

Much like with other area's of our health, we let our emotions run on autopilot.
We react instantaneously to whatever situation is presented to us rather than taking a moment to think before we speak.

When we react in an angry, upset or grumpy way it not only impacts the people around us but it impacts our health.



It elevates our cortisol with can also then cause us to emotionally eat, can cause us to not eat, can cause us to drink too much and disrupts other hormones in our bodies making us feel generally out of whack.
When we react in a stressful manner to our bodies it can cause chronic stress which can elevate our blood pressure and cause all sorts of other issues for us externally and internally.

Whilst we can't control the world and what happens around us we can choose how you react to a given situation.

Think of this situation. Your car is parked on your drive and the wind tears down your fence and it lands on your car. Sure, you're annoyed but you get it fixed and move on.

Now think of this situation. Your car is parked on your drive and a careless driver crashed into your fence. The driver is not injured but fence falls and damages your car. This makes you angry and you call the person every name under the sun. Same damage to your care but different action that caused the result. Take the other person out of the situation and you're back to the first situation which didn't cause the same rage.

Why get so angry or stressed about a situation, it never helps the situation and it doesn't ever help your physical or mental health.

Next time something pushes your buttons, give this a try:
1. When you feel the rage, tears, or sarcastic comments bubble up, STOP.
2. Take 5 deep breaths and think about why this situation has occurred, is it an accident? Why is another person acting in this way?
3. Much like never sending an email or text message angry, take the time to think about how reacting negatively will affect the situation.
4. Think about how reacting in a positive manner can cause a positive outcome.
5. Be happy and actually think about positive things in your life.

Life is way too short to be stressed to chill out and enjoy it.