How do I know this programme is suitable for me? Every programme is bespoke. You tell me about your life, your goals, we go through a series of tests and set a plan that seamlessly fits around your life. That's the beauty of the The Valkyrie Solution, it's all about you and making sure it's as effortless as possible to make sure you succeed.

Can I think about it for a while? I'd like to try it on my own first. Of course. My door is always open for help and advice. Please take advantage of the free video and blog posts to get you on track. BUT if you've made it this far I'm guessing trying it for yourself hasn't worked well, if you want those long lasting results then get in touch.

I have an injury, does this mean I can't get your help? It depends on the injury and the severity, we would need GP clearance and then the plan would be approved by a physiotherapist before we commenced. As a general rule an injury does not prevent us from making start.

I feel like I'm too fat to do any exercise. No one ever has too much body fat to start making a change and is exactly the reason to make a start! everything is tailored to you so will also be suitable for your body and ability levels.

I don't think my health is good enough.   We can certainly discuss your health and the best way for you to progress. GP clearance would be required and the plan would be based around your needs.

I'm not the sporty type. You most definitely don't need to be sporty to be healthy! Sport and health are two separate things, we will work on what you do enjoy doing to make your it is something you want to do long term, all that's important is you have the desire to improve your health.

I feel too embarrassed to work out.  I know how intimidating it can be going to a gym or working out in public spaces, so the facilities I use are very private to help you relax ad enjoy yourself.

I need to relax in my spare time.  Exercise  can be very therapeutic and you may well find it a good way to relax. It can also help your stress levels long term making you feel more are able to keep going through the days.

I haven't got the energy. Exercise and improving your nutrition, sleep and reducing stress is a great way to help boost your energy levels. You could feel the difference within a matter of days.

I don't think i'd be able to keep it up so what's the point? That's why I'm different to other personal trainers. I give full support and accountability and make the plan fir YOUR life so it's easy for you to adapt to changes.

I don't enjoy physical activity. Exercise is only one element of the programme and we tailor it to make sure you enjoy whatever it is we are doing, I also have a health coaching option available if you do not want to have personal training sessions.

I haven't got the time. Time is an ongoing factor for many people. Health and physical activity is an important element of your life. You don't need to play sport or go to the gym but you do need to be active. By prioritising a few hours a week to your health you can make huge changes to your physical and mental well being.

I can't afford it. Of course you need to ensure you have enough money for everything but many of us undervalue our health and want to spend little or no money on it. What happens when you don't pay money to look after your car? Would you buy a car with no service history?

I tried it before and it didn't work. This is the same for many people and generally it due to poor information. We read and hear a lot from other and in the media and what worked for one person may not work for us. Understanding YOUR body is essential for our health and so you can achieve all your goals. 

I already know what works for me. What you've done previously may have helped you achieve a few goals but the question is why haven't they helped you maintain it? Short term diet plans equal short term results so it's time to invest in your future.

People will judge and laugh at me if I fail. No one will judge you and you only fail if you ever stop trying. It doesn't matter how many times you go off the rails as long as you keep trying. Don't let you thoughts about what other people will think, stop you from achieving your goals.

I have a holiday coming up and don't want to ruin any progress I make. No this is the perfect time!!! Routines are EASY to change, it's out of routine you want to nail so it's perfect timing to work together!!!! 

I frequently eat out on business lunches and dinners, how can I eat healthily and stay on track? I know the difficulties on travelling the world and spending a lot of time in restaurants and cafes. I will teach you what to look out for, what to avoid and the best options for success.

How soon can I start? As soon as you've submitted the initial application and we discussed your goals we can get you started on achieving body confidence.

How much does it cost and how do I register? The Valkyrie Solution is on application only but you can register your interest below as I will be looking to work with more women in the near future.