Make Food Easy

Make food simple

When we think of going healthy, we think we need to do an overhaul of our diet.

We ditch burgers for salads and cooked breakfast for salmon and avocado. When it comes to dinners and lunches we kinda end up stumped as to what to make and then the whole things becomes way too much and overwhelming and we give up and give in.

When we make such a big deal out of it all, we do give up. Too much mental effort can mean mental overwhelm and then our proactive actions revert into the old habits and we believe it’s too hard to change, and so instead of improving our health and losing weight we put more on and feel worse!

Jane was exactly like this. A mountain of recipe books but no time and desire to actually spend the time looking up new and exciting recipes each and every week.

Jane just kept plodding along because of the extra effort it took when she was already crazily busy.

The key that changed Jane’s life?

She just tweaked what she already ate.

Jane lost a stone in the 6 weeks we worked together and she’s still losing more, she has more energy and she looked radiant in the last picture she posted.

Simple, easy food.


Make it easy. That Is literally all you have to do.

Understand how much you need to eat.

Understand what that looks like in reality.

Tweak it, have courgetti instead of spaghetti. An apple instead of a biscuit 

Berries on your porridge.

Easy, simple food equals easy, simple health and weight loss.

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