VALKYRIE by Suzie Jane Volkes

VALKYRIE exists because I believe every women should feel healthy, strong and confident because feeling self conscious and hating how you feel about yourself limits how you lead your life and what you can achieve.

Health and fitness isn't about the physical result, it's about how it makes you feel.

Equality and individuality underpins everything VALKYRIE stands for. The goal focus is to help women be healthy, strong and confident. By transforming your health, your physical and mental strength and how you feel about yourself, you literally transform your life, the person you are and what you can achieve.

I’m Suzie Jane Volkes, I’m a health and body transformation coach, a British Fitness title holder and owner of The VALKYRIE Solution. I specialise in working with female professionals who are successful in their careers but are time poor and lack the confidence and knowledge to achieve their health and body goals.

I focus on making health and body transformation as effortless as possible for my clients, seamlessly integrating new healthy habits in and around their busy lives, minimising gym time and maximising what they enjoy doing most.

"I lost 14lbs in 12 weeks whilst struggling with binge eating".

My Story:

I grew up shy and insecure. The type of shy where you break out into hives and a cold sweat when someone even looks at you. I always wanted to be good at something, be successful, but my lack of self confidence held me back like an activist chained to tree. During my teenage/young adult years, as mine as many others social lives grew, I discovered cocktails, nightclubs and late night take away food and I loved it. 

I would love the added confidence I had after a glass of wine, I loved the social side of it; the interacting with others and being more of the person I wanted to be. It was the getting ready for a night out that I didn’t enjoy so much.

I used to look in the mirror and hate my body shape. I hated the tummy bulge that looked like I was smuggling a bum bag under my dress and my flabby arms which made me believe if I ever fell off the top of a building that I could simply flap my them and fly. But I knew once I was out and after a glass of wine or two, I would forget about it and so my body endured the continued pummelling of wine, beer, spirits and any fast food I could get my hands on.

Time passed and whilst my social adventures never left me short of a story or two to recall, my career at that time left little to be desired. I watched those who had struck the balance right at university between studying and partying go on to walk into their desired career paths, whilst I, wondered why my hard work at University (of partying) had not paid off in the same way.

I worked extra hard to catch up and then all of a sudden there were new opportunities... to explore the restaurants, bars and nightclubs all around the world! In the mean time my gym clothes started to go mouldy in my suitcase from the damp accumulated from the pressurisation of the aircraft's.

If I ever decided I needed to lose a few pounds, I’d half heartedly cut out sugar to then feel excited I’d lost a kilo or two.... To then go and eat more than I had done before to celebrate, and put on even more weight. The final straw was when I took a job which made me so miserable that I ate a pack of donuts a day, until every time I got out of my car I ripped a skirt.  

So I started running again (because apparently this is the only way women can lose weight), but that metabolic slow down that appears every 10 years had reared its ugly head again. And the weight I once could quite easily shift had now decided it was quite happy where it was, and had set up camp for the foreseeable future.

And one day as I stood in the kitchen and watched the dirty water running away down the sink of the dishes I’d just washed, I decided my life was going the same way. I was lost. Broke. Fat. And miserable. 

I started pondering and I knew I had the uncontrollable urge to help people so I flipped careers and started studying to be a nurse. It was heart breaking. I had this opportunity to help people until my hearts desire but I couldn’t believe some of the states I found people in. And all could be related back to poor diets, smoking and a lack of activity in their lives. I found my contribution was merely helping them live with the symptoms rather than helping them make a change.

Then I started making a change in my own life. One day whilst searching the internet for motivation to go for a run (baring in mind I probably could have done multiple runs in the time finding the motivation took), I discovered the world of bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Now I know what image pops up when I say bodybuilding; women who have bigger muscles than most men. Women who could easily pick you up, run off with you to make you their wife in some far away land. BUT you only have to check out my pictures above to find that this is not the always the case.

These were women with bodies I could only dream of! So I decided I wanted to do that. Just. Like. That.

Even though I decided on a goal, I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone. I was so embarrassed that people would look at these women, and then look at me, and pee their pants in hysterics at the thought of me getting on stage and having even the smallest chance of competing with them. So I did it at first, all in secret.

I first changed how I was exercising. Then changed my nutrition. Then my mind set also shifted and it changed my life.

But underneath it all was this dark demon lurking, waiting for me to feel sad, or stressed or surrounded by food and then it would attack. This was an uncontrollable binge that I felt powerless against. I'd never before had realised what it was until I started to prepare for my first show and now it was screaming in my face.

But I was determined. I didn't understand why this was happening and then it hit me.

I was focusing on what I looked like rather than my health......

The key is to focus on you health. It's not easy. It's not linear progress. But it is achievable. 

From this my confidence increased. My energy levels sky rocketed. My body started to change. My motivation increased. I had increased vitality and body confidence and I had the drive and determination of a bull in a ring.

And that was it, I wanted other to feel how I feel, to love your body, to love your new confidence and feel healthy and strong. 

I know that it is possible for anyone and everyone to get healthy, feel strong and be confident. I know you don’t need to have a routine in your lifestyle to be healthy. I know you don’t have to cut out all the foods you love to lose weight. I do know you need to shift your mindset as this will actually make a huge difference to your life.

I’ve worked with women of different shapes and sizes, who lead busy, travel the world and know that it's your nutrition, the activity levels and your mindset you need to work on to be happy. 

It’s at this intersection of changing your eating habits, and training your mind and body, that something exciting happens.

It's not the kind of nervous excitement you get from being sat strapped into a theme park ride, but the kind of excitement that makes you jump out of bed in the morning as you don’t want to miss any opportunities that life has for you. It's at this point where you are that person you've always wanted to be and can do this things you've always wanted to do. You love yourself and how you look. And in turn, others love you, and find you inspirational, and want to be like you.

So what does this mean to you? It means, the food you eat, the way you care for your body and mind are all equally important. By working on all three, you can look darn amazing, feel darn amazing and attract all you want from life.

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